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Siddha is a comprehensive system that places equal importance to mind, body and spirit and strives to restore the natural balance in every individual. In Siddha, the normal equilibrium of the three vital life factors that are, Vaatham, Pitham and Kabam are in the ratio of 4:2:1 respectively. Disturbances to this natural equilibrium will result in diseases. Factors which can affect this equilibrium include diet, lifestyle, physical activities, stress, environment and climatic conditions. Dietary advice, nutritional planning based on the six tastes, yoga and physio exercises are used together with superior quality Siddha medicines for the management of all health issues

Eczema, Psoriasis & Skin problems

Siddha medicinal system sees skin ailments as vitiation of Vatham in the body. Vatha imbalance coupled with imbalances in the other two energies Pitta and Kabham leads to dryness, itching, inflammation and secretions.
At Nalam Siddha Care, pulse reading is evaluated and medicines are customized accordingly to achieve good results.

Hair Fall & Dandruff

Poor nutrition, erratic and irregular lifestyle, environmental factors such as pollution and climate, stress, anxiety and tension and inadequate sleep or rest, negligence in proper hair care, excess body heat or Pitta imbalance leads to toxin build up in the body.
All these are taken into careful consideration when prescribing natural medication, oil, and stress management therapy which results in luscious hair growth.

Arthritis, Aches & Pain ( Keel vaayu )

In siddha, excessive Vatham relates to arthritis which mostly affects joints and tendons causing swelling, pain, stiffness, aches, decrease in mobility, sleeplessness and mental stress.
At Nalam, we advise diet decreases Vatha thodam, relevant medication, external treatments, yoga and breathing techniques.

Allergies, Sinusitis, Migraine, Cough & Cold

The above diseases are usually attributed to Kabha imbalance. Aggravated Kabam vitiates the pranan (sub type of Vatha) which is mainly present in the respiratory tract.
Oral Siddha medicines to balance the deranged energies, yoga therapy, breathing techniques, proper diet, etc., are advised to manage the ailments.

Weight Management

Keeping up the weight is always a Hercules task. In this fast-moving Digi - tech world, obesity has become a big threat to all age group which leads to early diabetic, hyper tension, cardio vascular and kidney diseases and stroke. Excessive weight can be related with combination of high calories of mixed diets, less physical activity, comfort eating, hormonal imbalance, medication, hereditary, stress and sleeplessness.
In Siddha “KAPHA THODAM “plays a major role in obesity. At our Nalam centre, we will check the root cause and advice food and exercise regime according to body principles, yogasanam - vajrashanam, salabasanam and stress management. Treatments such as medication and tummy wrap are advised to get the best results.

Blood Pressure & Diabetic Care

Hypertension (Pitha Aathikam) has been globally considered as most predominant Cardio vascular disorder with life threatening complications, so need to control the hypertension (Pitha Aathikam) becomes critical. An integrated approach is followed when treating low and high blood pressure with natural medications, proper diet to balance the Pitham, stress management through Pranayamam, Yogam, exercises are advised.
In Siddha, Diabetes is known as Madhumegham, Pramegham, Neerizhivu noi etc. It is characterized by increased blood sugar, increased urine output and deterioration of 7 udal thaathus (Saaram or nourishing juice, Cheneer or blood, Oon or Muscles, Enbu or bone, Moolai or marrow, Kozhuppu or Fat, Sukilam/ Sronitham or Semen/ Ova) leading to emaciation and damage to body systems.
After evaluation of the deranged energies, siddha medications to balance them and also proper therapy to rejuvenate and nourish the severely affected physical constituents are given to better manage Diabetes.

Sleep & Stress Management

To lead a healthy life, we need undisturbed sleep for at least 8 hours. It helps to destress, restore, recuperate, repair and rejuvenate the body and mind. Stress and sleeplessness are a lethal combo and related to each other. Stress can lead to excessive acidity, gastritis, sleeping and mental disorder. Sudden Trauma, life style changes, emotional disturbance, loss, hormonal imbalance, unhappiness, depression can be the cause of stress and insomnia. In Siddha system, imbalance of Pitham and Kabha thodam and blockage of energy centres (6 chakras - Anakatham (heart chakra), Visithi (throat chakra) Aakkinai (Brow chakra) in our body which corresponds with thyroid, thymus and pituitary glands. At Nalam, we will assess, evaluate and guide - coupled with medicine, management of de-stress, meditate and regain the energy to lead a harmonious life

Gastro Urinary Health

A reduction in Pitta activity with an excessive Kabha characterizes the doshic profile of indigestion. Untimely food habits, heavy or dry food, psychological causes like fear, anger, jealousy etc., suppression of natural urges and excessive intake of water cause indigestion. At Nalam Siddha Care, herbal medication to balance the vitiated doshas and increase the digestive fire is given.