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At Nalam Siddha Care, we strive to bring you the most authentic form of Siddha system such as diagnosis done using Naadi Parisothanai (traditional pulse reading), Neerkuri (urine-analysis), Envagai Thaervu coupled with current-day diagnostic equipments for natural healing and rejuvenation. With focused consultations with our team of qualified, reputed graduate doctors, patients can expect a targeted treatment approach that is suited to their individual needs.


Siddha Medicine

Siddha Medicine is the oldest Traditional Indian Medicine founded by the Sages - Siddhars of the Tamil land and dates back to 10,000 BC.
The primary aim of Nalam Siddha Care is to restore the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.
The Fundamental Principles of Siddha include theories of Five Elements (Aimpootham), Three Energies (Mukkutram), Six Tastes (Arusuvaikal ) and The Eight Methods of Examination (Envakai Thervukal) which are used to determine the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.


The uniqueness of Siddha is based on the principles of Five Elements (Aimpootham), Three Doshas (Mukkutram), Six Tastes (Arusuvaikal ) and the Eight Methods of Examination (Envakai Thervukal) and Neerkuri (Urine analysis).
At Nalam Siddha Care, the above tools are specially used to determine the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
Clients are treated effectively with Siddha Herbal Medicines, Pranayamam, Yogam, Varmam, Chakra cleansing and Thokkanam (therapies) customised according to their body types.



Our Special line of natural food and health products are carefully resourced from various places to yield best results.
Our products are natural and free from harmful pesticides and preservatives


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Karim, Serangoon

Recently I had taken medicine and treatment from Nalam Siddha Care. It was really very good and I will visit again. The doctors here have many years of experience and are degree holders in Siddha medicine and treatment. I would also recommend this place to others. Thank you very much.


Anantha, Woodlands

I have had severe lower leg pain since the last 5-6 years, then I have approached the Nalam Siddha Care located at Rangoon Road. I was really impressed and the treatment level was more effective than I expected. I don’t have any pain after the treatment session is completed. This Nalam Siddha Care is operated by the professional Siddha Doctors and they have several years of experience of medical treatment in the past. Also they are having the proven record, which is referral by one of my friends. I recommend Nalam Siddha Care to people who are looking for treatment, this is a better place to approach to do the natural treatment method. Wish you all the best to Nalam Siddha Care.


Mr Shanmugam, Little India

I am taking medicines at Nalam Siddha Care Really amazing... My right hand index finger feel better. Pain reducing now. My left hand little finger is bit slower in the progress. Wound between toes, absolutely good progress. I am applying ointment in the night. I have been telling my children about amazing cure by Siddha medicines without pain killer pills. I was taking Lyrica before taking siddha medicines but I stopped taking Lyrica for the past 4 days.


Adam Esh, 34yrs, Male, Tampines

I had severe acne on my face and went through almost all of the antibiotics except for Isotretinoin due to elevated liver test result. While going to specialist for my liver issue, my father recommended this Clinic with physician Dr Nazeera in Aug 21 - Targeted mainly on acne flares and Doc recommended going through some changes in lifestyle and treatment. I was first started with weekly updates and progressively tailored based on my body responses. Extremely pleased with my twelve week progress- at this point of writing - I can’t post my progress here via mobile. Bonus benefit to lifestyle change led to weight loss of 10kg. Thank you Dr Nazeera for your amazing guidance and direction. Hopefully, this helps anyone who tried as much as I did :)


Selvi, 50 yrs, Female, Tampines

I’m happy that we have Nalam siddha care in Rangoon road, Singapore with good professional doctors. The doctors here do a detailed analysis and provide the best treatment that is so effective. I also have to mention about their head massage, the pressure applied was just right making us to relax and feel good. The therapeutic hair pulling technique used was something unique. The doctor explained to me that this technique increases the circulation in the scalp preventing hair loss and also helps circulation in the brain relieving stress. Thanks to Nalam Siddha Care doctors for their best services


Tasneem, 20 yrs, Female, Punggol

I was suffering from bad acne and scars that remained despite taking various skin creams hence I visited Nalam Siddha Care after having heard about them from my friend. After consultation with the doctors there, I received natural Siddha medications which I followed consistently. Surprisingly, after just a few weeks, I was able to see my scars starting to fade and a reduction in acne. Now, my complexion and skin tone is also improving. I am thankful for the personal connection the doctors had with me as they constantly followed up with me. Nalam Siddha Care has qualified trustworthy doctors and I would strongly recommend their services to all.


Abisek, 40 yrs, Male, Changi village

Excellent Treatment amazing team of Doctors....I am suffering from Disk Bulge which is always stiff and painful also leads to stress. But having few treatment done at Nalam Siddha Care I am back on track and pain in Controlled as of now. My sincere Thanks to the doctors as mentioned below. Dr Kalyani- Chakra Dr Kugenthini- Back treatment Dr Nazeera - Head & Neck treatment


Jaya 34 yrs, Female, Serangoon

During my pregnancy, I gained more than 10 kg and found it very difficult to lose weight after the delivery. I also had indigestion and gastric problems for which I approached Nalam Siddha Care. The doctors there gave me medication and also put me on weight management programme. I did their tummy wrap treatment. Now, after 3 weeks on the programme I have lost about 5-6 kg and my tummy has flattened and firmed up a lot. I am happy to see that I am able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably. My gastric issues have settled too. I will carry on with their healthy diet plan to maintain my weight. Thank you so much, Nalam Siddha Care.


Alexey Ironman

We had a great experience visiting the consultation. The doctor was friendly and efficient, and took the time to listen to my concerns and provide thorough explanations. I felt well-cared for and would highly recommend this practice.



Dr Naseerah is very thorough and knowledgeable in her diagnosis. Her herbal supplement eased my digestive problems. Excellent service. Highly recommended.


Shanmugam India

I appreciated the doctor''s response and dedicated service- good keep it up- shanmugam India Like


Somasundaram Shanmuganathan

My mom affected piles problem past 3 years. After we got doctor contact from my relative. We consulted mam then she prescribed medicine via phone because our home town is tamilnadu. Then my mom get alright. Thanks mam. Your the best doctor I ever seen.